The Harbor Ward of Port Nyanzaru could accommodate ships of all sizes. The enclosed. eastern portion of the harbor was reserved for the use of the merchant princes, but the rest of the docks were available for use by any ship.


Royal Docks
These docks were reserved for the exclusive use of the merchant princes and those diplomats, dignitaries, and influential foreign merchants whom the merchant princes wanted to flatter with privilege or impress with magnificence. The term "royal" dated back to the age when Chult was ruled by true kings and queens instead of merchants.
The statue at the center of the harbor represented an ancient Chultan king in full regalia, resplendent in a loincloth of leopard s kin and a headdress of feathers, shells, and tyrannosaurus teeth; draped in a cape of girallon fur and monkey tails; and wielding the traditional oval shield and yklwa of Chult. Residents called it Na N'buso, the Great King. The statue wasn't nearly as ancient as the mythic king it portrayed. It was erected at a time when Port Nyanzaru was flexing its new mercantile muscle, to impress on foreigners that Chult was an independent land with a glorious history. Few who saw it failed to get the message.
Harbormaster's Office
Outside of the harbormaster's office was a bulletin board that provided the names and whereabouts of several wilderness guides. In the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, the harbormaster was a half- gold dragon named Zindar. He was seldom in this sturdy, airy building however.
A flame burned atop the lighthouse day and night to guide ships through darkness, fog, and rain to the harbor. Various powders could be added to the fire to create thick columns of colored smoke that could be seen from Fort Beluarian and from the mines along the Bay of Chult.
Fort Nyanzaru
The fort contained a winch for raising and lowering an immense iron chain stretched between the fort and the lighthouse. When the chain was raised, no ship could sail into or out of the harbor. The fort also mounted two ballistae that could launch heavy bolts or canisters of alchemist's fire. Its garrison consisted of the castellan, four officers, and forty guards loyal to the merchant princes.
Warehouse Disctrict
Goods of every type being shipped into or out of Port Nyanzaru were stored in these warehouses. Canals were cut between the rows of warehouses, allowing ships to be towed by harnessed dinosaurs directly to the desired warehouse for easier loading and unloading. A large ship could easily block a canal, so good traffic management was required. Like any warehouse district, this one was largely deserted at night, making it a good spot for secret meetings and other mischief.
Dry Dock
Port Nyanzaru wasn't famous for building ships, but many vessels that came here wound up needing hull repairs- especially those that had run-ins with typhoons, pirates, or Aremag the dragon turtle. It was easy work for dinosaurs to drag ships out of the water into the drydock so holes could be patched and barnacles scraped off.