The Harborside Hospital was a hospital in Baldur's Gate, located within the Brampton district in the Lower City. Its clerical staff offered medical services and healing to anyone regardless of faith. While they often catered to the poor, the quality of healing provided was often dependent on the personal wealth of the patient or their patron.[1]


The hospital was built very close to Cliffgate and the city's graveyards—a fact that was not lost on those who closely examined the actions of city officials.[1]

The hospital was staffed by clerics, physicians, and chirurgeons from several of the temples located in Baldur's Gate. It was notoriously understaffed, was often unsafe, and even attracted some more unscrupulous priests who used the establishment for their own personal experimentation.[1]


The hospital was originally constructed following an outbreak of dancing croup that erupted within the city. As the inflicted traveled across the city to the temple of their respective faith, the disease spread rather quickly.[1]

This caused some Lower City citizens to rethink their civic approach to health and healing. They called for the creation of a centralized healing facility, so the spread of disease would not so rapidly harm Baldurians once again.[1]



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