Harborwatch Keep was the seat of power for Scardale, located in the dale's capital of Scardale Town. It housed both Scardale's leadership as well as its appointed town watch.[1]


The keep served as home for the leader of Scardale from the days of the Aumersair dynasty, including its final lord Lashan Aumersair, to the dale's occupation under the provisional lord Myrian Beechwood until 1370 DR.[1]

During the occupation, Harborwatch Keep also accommodated the dozens of ambassadors, advisers, and envoys from the nations of Cormyr and Sembia and the city-states of Hillsfar and Zhentil Keep, as well as representatives from the other dales within the Dalelands.[1]

Harborwatch Keep was abandoned as seat of government after the Shaking Plague decimated Scardale Town in 1370 DR. The town of Chandlerscross took this responsibility and the new government of Scardale was established there.[2]



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