Hardbuckler was a small town of gnomes on the Dusk Road, south of Northdark Wood and the Trielta Hills, and just north of the Reaching Woods.[1]


It was a favorite location for traders along the Dusk Road owing the gnomes' industriousness.[1]

The major industry was secure, private storage for any type of goods. The storage facilities were made secure through the work of a wizard named Aldiber Inchtawurn, who created powerful wards protecting the walls and storage facilities of Hardbuckler.[1]

Additionally the gnomes exported elaborate locks, sturdy wooden crates, and a distinctive green seam-sealing wax sold in cloth rolls.[1]


It was named for a dwarf adventurer who won a battle on the site of the town.[1]


The town was governed by a council made up of gnome elders. Two were known to be Hammas Isynd and Orival Bundifeather.[2]



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