Hare hengeyokai (pronounced: /hɛngɛjkhen-geh-yo-kigh[7]) or simply hares were a hare-based subrace of the hengeyokai, a race of intelligent natural shapechanging animals able to adopt hare, human, and hybrid forms. They shared all the common traits and habits of hengeyokai, plus those discussed below.[5][1][3][8]


In human form, a hengeyokai had some feature reminiscent of their animal form.[5][1][3][8] For a hare hengeyokai, this might be wide brown eyes, and more subtly, lightning-quick reflexes.[9]


Compared to humans and the average hengeyokai, hares were slightly wiser but less strong,[5][1] or they were more agile.[3] They were adept in athletics skills.[6]

Their tiny, quick animal forms were among the hardest to hit and they were the most swift-moving.[5][1][3] Even in hybrid form, they ran much faster than any typical humanoid of their size.[3][6]


On the whole, hares were good-hearted.[5][1][3][8] Like their namesake animals, they were peaceable by nature but easily surprised or frightened[3] and they were quiet but alert for threats.[8] They never consumed meat.[9]


Some hares worshiped the god of the warren.[9]

Hares, along with carps, cranes, dogs, and monkeys, were more likely to become monks than other hengeyokai.[6]

Notable Hare HengeyokaiEdit



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