The Harfin Draether was a tavern located on the corner of Oblade Street and the Street of Seven Altars within the Temple District of Athkatla during the late 14th century DR. It was named after its founder, who died well before the 1370s DR.[1]


The tavern was constructed in two neighboring mansions that appeared like extravagant rowhouses. These buildings were always packed, with regulars seated at their favorite tables and other guests wandering in until they found an open group of seats. Patrons were constantly waiting outside the tavern from around the time it opened at mid-morning until closing at nightfall, with the hopes of getting a table when one became available.[1]

Because of the constant lines, turnover was fairly fast. Guests would bang a gong for service, receive hot meals in rapid succession, quickly discuss business, and move on. However, it was possible for guests to linger at their table for a while after finishing their meal (for up to an hour), as long as they tipped a few danters. Reserved rooms were available at double the cost of the meal.[1]


The Harfin Drather was renowned for its hearty, if not particularly tasty meals, as well as its lightning-fast service. Its list of available wines and meals was meager at best. They did offer Saravva, a tart-tasting wine from vineyards near Esmeltaran, as well as the bitter Uldar from Eshpurta. [1]

The quality of food was hit-or-miss. The most popular dish was the tavern's famed roasted fowl, cooked to perfection, and served on a plate with a variety of sauces and mustard. The melon pie, however, was often partially rotten and infested with flies. The delectable sugar cookies that accompanied the dessert made up for its overall repulsiveness.[1]