Harkas Kormallis was the senior paladin of the Knights of Samular in Waterdeep in 1372 DR.[1]


Harkas was a zealot, interested only in the glory of Tyr and caring nothing about his duties as a member of the Kormallis family. He believed that paladins must regularly go on quests and assigned them to young Knights. He also strictly governed the behavior of his fellow Knights.[1]


Harkas acted as a mentor for Morus Brokengulf II, who followed his example of cutting off his right hand. He had a bad opinion of Hykros Allumen, thinking the man was too full of prejudices. Harkas however failed to see the growing evil in the heart of his right-hand man, Gareth Cormaeril.[1]


Harkas was the eldest son of Lord Helm Kormallis but also a devoted paladin and Tyrran zealot, even cutting off his right hand in sacrifice to Tyr and soon joining the Knights of Samular. In time, he became the leader of the Knights' chapter in Waterdeep and assumed the title of Tyr's Champion, devoting himself to protecting the city's Hall of Justice.[1]



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