Harloon was a young trainee paladin of Tyr serving under Kern Desanea who was a part of the rescue team sent to the Utter East to rescue Piergeiron the Paladinson's bride circa 1377 DR.[1]

"And this is Harloon," said Miltiades, introducing the last of the Phlaness group. "He is but nineteen years of age, yet he has already seen more than his share of dungeons and dragons."[1]


Harloon was a tall and young man of dark complexion.[1]


Harloon had a kind and friendly personality, as well as a good sense of humor. He took his training seriously, as well as the lessons he was teaching young Kastonoph Nesher.[2]


Harloon wore a breastplate armor and used a sword in battle.[3]


Harloon was Kern Desanea's student. His commitment to the paladin training was so persistent, it provoked merciless but good-natured mocking by Kern's wife, Listle. She thought the youth followed Kern around like a puppy.[1]

The young paladin in training quickly bonded with Noph because of their close age and Harloon's help and guidance.[2]


Harloon has been a sellsword since the age of fourteen, until he found Tyr, in a sense. Just a few months before the wedding of Piergeiron the Paladinson and Eidola of Neverwinter, a stranger saved young Harloon's life but lost hers in the process. The young sellsword never knew the woman's name, but knew she carried a holy symbol of Tyr on her. That life-changing event inspired Harloon to eventually find Kern Desanea in Phlan, learn the way of the god of justice, and commit to becoming a paladin of Tyr.[1]

Soon after, Harloon joined his teacher Kern and other paladins of Phlan in attending the wedding ceremony for the Open Lord of Waterdeep.[4]

The wedding was a disaster that resulted in the bride's abduction. Harloon was a part of the rescue team assembled by Khelben Arunsun to travel through Undermountain to reach the only portal to the Utter East that was in the vicinity of the city. Blackstaff was unable to teleport the paladins to the portal directly because of Kern's anti-magical abilities, leaving the party with only one choice—traveling through Skullport.[4]

When the paladins reached Skullport, the group was tasked with aiding zombies by the mysterious Skulls of Skullport in penance for destroying one of the watchers. The group split apart in search of undead to aid. Harloon stuck with his new fast friend Noph in this task. The young adventurers found themselves in an inn filled with zombie waiters and duergar. Noph jumped on the task and joined the zombies in waiting tables to fulfill the task. One of the dancers targeted Harl with her seductive charms, making the young man shyly retreat in modesty. He clumsily spilled a duergar's drink, causing a scene. The young men avoided a scuffle by paying the drunk crowd off with Noph's money. This concluded the task, as they and other paladins safely passed Skullport going deeper into Undermountain.[3]

However, the paladins encountered a group of ettins who demanded payment for the passage. An unfortunate skirmish followed. In the fray, Harloon pushed Noph out of the way of an ettin's club, saving his new friend, but sacrificing his own life. When the fight was over, Able delivered a prayer before the paladins gave the fallen youth a burial pyre in their boat, sending it down the river Sargauth. The rescue team had to move on.[5]




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