Harm was a necromancy spell that delivered a charge of negative energy, bringing a creature to near unconsciousness and death.[2][3][4][7] Some versions also inflicted a disease on the victim.[1][3][4][7] The reverse of this spell, heal, cured most ailments and greatly restored lost health.[3][4][7]


The caster had to touch the recipient of this spell for it to work.[2][3][4][7] The newer version of this spell had a limit on how much health damage it could deliver, but neither version could completely kill a victim or even knock it unconscious. The older version added insult to injury by giving the victim a disease.

If cast in reverse, heal brought a living creature back to full health and cured all disease and nearly all other ailments.[3][4][7]

If either version was successfully cast on an undead creature, it acted like the corresponding heal spell.[2][3][4][7]


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