Harondalbar was a black wyrm who had a lair in the mountains near the Yellow Snake Pass during the 14th century DR.[1]


The dragon had a cooperative relationship with the Zhentarim and was particularly enamored with the Zhent agent, Faren Starlight, who served as Harondalbar's appointed "keeper". Faren showered him with adulation and regularly brought the black dragon people to feast upon and creatures to hunt for sport. In return, Harondalbar kept the Yellow Snake Pass free from non-Zhent activity and drove away any rival caravans or military patrols. However, the black wyrm often acted aloof, wanting nothing more than to simply lounge in his lair. When Harondalbar was in such a mood, Faren would have to rely on illusory magic to simulate the dragon's presence within the pass.[1]

In addition to the Zhentarim, the Cult of the Dragon demonstrated significant interest in the black wyrm. They often brought offerings to his lair, along with assurances he could gain more power with their association.[1]



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