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Dark Lord Haroun was devoted Cyricist and the leader of the Black Helms within the Company of the Ebon Spur, a contingent of mounted crusaders that spread the word of the Mad God during the mid–14th century DR.[1]

You speak as though that would be a bad thing, Jabbar.
— Dark Lord Haroun, when told he was afflicted with madness.[2]


He was an enormous man and dressed a coat of chain mail armor. Like the rest of his company, Haroun rode atop a massive war bull.[1]


Haroun had an antagonistic relationship with his counterpart in the Purple Lancers, His Deadliness Jabbar. The two never looked upon one another when on the same battlefield fighting for Cyric's cause.[1]


For some time, Haroun and Jabbar disagreed so vehemently on admission standards for the Company that they each drew up complex schemes to kill the other.[3]


The Dark Lord of the Black Helms bore a golden scepter atop which sat an iron starburst, depicting one half of Cyric's holy symbol.[1] His Deadliness Jabbar carried a similar scepter, crowned with the skull that completed the holy symbol of the One and All.[2]


In the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR, Haroun led the Black Helms along with Jabaar and the Purple Lancers and other holy warriors of Shar and Talos, to raze the the library-fortress of Candlekeep and recover the Cyrinishad, a holy tome of the Cyricist faith.[1] Tensions rose between Haroun and Jabbar, as they argued about when the siege was to begin. When Cyric's Finder of the Book Malik el Sami dared to disagree with Jabbar, His Deadliness attempted to poison the Calishite merchant with a dart, but inadvertently struck Haroun in the neck. The Dark Lord slew Haround with a single swing of his scepter, and both commanders fell dead atop one another.[2]

With their leaders gone, the Company of the Ebon Spur fell into chaos and soldiers from the Black Helms and Purple Lancers fought against one another in the ensuing chaos. Each of the commanders' scepters were recovered by Malik.[2]



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