Harps were a type of stringed musical instrument that could be found in several varieties across the Realms.[1]


Impiltur was known for making high-quality wood harps, and Selgaunt produced silver harps. Both were available for purchase in different sizes from Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1]

Halambar Lutes & Harps in Waterdeep was a well-known musical instrument shop that sold harps.[5]

Notable harpsEdit

Anstruth harp 
One of the seven Instruments of the Bards. Magical harps capable of controlling elements and healing, among other magical powers.[6][7]
Ollamh harp 
Another Instrument of the Bards. These magical harps could control the minds of listeners, among other magical powers.[6][7]
A type of high quality but non magical harps found in the Underdark. Its sound transmitted extremely long distances there, something between one to six miles (about 1.61km to 9.66km). It was thus used to relay information over long distances but also for entertainment.[2]
The Harp that Sings by Itself 
A legendary enchanted harp that played its own tunes.[5]


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