Harper agents, also known as Harper scouts,[note 1][4] were those members of the semi-secret organization known as the Harpers who carried out missions of surveillance, reconnaissance, and infiltration. They were considered the field agents of the organization and could be found throughout a number of Realms, all across Faerûn.[2][3]

"You fight for your freedom? Well, I fight for the freedom of all"
  — An agent of the Harpers[5]


Like all their fellow Harpers, scouts were dedicated to three major tenets: to keep the balance between the natural world and civilized societies, to maintain and safeguard all manner of lore regarding the Realms, and act out against those who brought about evil into the world.[2][3] Their strong sense of morality was one of their most critical traits.[5]

They were a capable and versatile lot, each of whom could carry out a solo mission or conspire with their allies to successfully carry out the Harpers' goals.[3]


In order to become an agent, an individual had to be sponsored by a Harper in good standing and gain approval of the High Harpers.[2][3]

Any member who failed to uphold the code of the Harpers was quickly turned away by their fellow members. They lost the blessings bestowed upon them by the gods and could not progress within the organization as a whole. Only by the blessing of the Master Harpers could an agent be reinstated, and only after demonstrating proper atonement.[6]


Like the storytellers and traveling musicians who traveled from one town to the next, Harper agents were quite skilled at acquiring new lore about the world around them. While most of this information was seemingly random and occasionally esoteric, it could often prove to be quite useful.[2][7]

Harper agents were trained to be very resourceful and they often learned how to manipulate others into believing they should be considered allies.[8]

Throughout their careers, agents often picked up divine boons associated with the deities who looked favorably upon the Harpers. These powers that affected agents of the Harpers were:[2][7]

  • Lliira's abundant joy allowed them to face down frightful situations.
  • Through the wisdom of Deneir, they were often able to avoid harmful runes or glyphs.
  • The empathy of Lurue opened up lines of communication between agents and wild animals.
  • The luck of Tymora always seemed to smile upon them at the most opportune times.
  • Mystra herself offered protection against harmful magic.

True to their name, many Harper agents honed their skills as crafters of musical instruments. Similarly, many of their ranks took up alchemy in the form of learning how to mix and brew potions.[6]


The agents of the Harpers were readily identifiable, when they chose to be, by their namesake pins.[6] While these appeared to be mere trinkets, they were strong magical items and a symbol of great significance recognized throughout the Realms.[8]


Because they spent most of their time out on missions, agents had a knack for making enemies among those organizations that regularly clashed with the Harpers. Individual members often became quite skilled at specifically working against one or two of these groups over time.[2]

Among these favored enemies of the Harpers in the 14th century were the Cult of the Dragon, the often-similarly-aligned church of Bane and the Zhentarim, and even the Red Wizards from the eastern nation of Thay.[2]


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  1. The 3.5 edition Harper Agent prestige class was considered an upgrade to the 3rd edition Harper Scout.


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