A Harper agent (also known as a Harper scout) is a member of the semi-secret organization known as the Harpers, and members are scattered all across Faerûn. These individuals are dedicated to battling evil, discovering and preserving forgotten lore, and maintaining the balance between nature and civilization. Harper agents are the "field agents" of the Harper organization, acting directly to gather intelligence and eliminate threats to the greater good. Equally adept at operating alone or in small groups, agents display a versatility that few others can match. They are one of the five prestige classes connected with the Harpers, the others being Harper paragon, Harper priest, Harper mage and Master Harper.[citation needed]Bards are the most common candidates for the Harper agent prestige class but they are by no means the only qualified characters. Rangers, rogues, sorcerers, and wizards all possess the diversity of skill and ability necessary to become Harper agents. Clerics, especially of Deneir, Lliira, and Tymora, are occasionally found in the ranks of this prestige class, as are druids and monks. Barbarians, fighters and paladins rarely become Harper agents because they lack the subtlety for the work.[citation needed]

To become a field agent, one does not need to take this prestige class, although most have at least one level in it. The candidate must also be sponsored by a member in good standing of the Harpers and win approval from the High Harpers. They must as well be especially alert, good at persuading people and have knowledge about the people and places of an area while having some basic skill at surviving in the wild.[citation needed]


Harper Knowledge
Harper scouts have a knack for picking up odd and eclectic bits of lore.[1]
Favored Enemy
Scouts have the ability to fight members of organizations that the Harpers oppose (such as the Cult of the Dragon, the Red Wizards or the Zhentarim) with exceptional zeal.[1]
Craft Harper Item
This ability allows Harper scouts to craft magic musical instruments.[2]

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