Harpers' Hold was a refuge hidden inside Mount Waterdeep that was used by the Harpers in the 1360s DR.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Harpers' Hold was created after the fall of the Shadow Thieves in their former lair, known as the Citadel of the Bloody Hand. The Hold consisted of approximately fifteen separate rooms including a teleportation entry room, a teleportation exit room, a kitchen, a pantry, a dining room, a central meeting room, three sitting rooms, three bedchambers, and a hidden area exclusively used by the Chosen of Mystra.[1]

The Hold could be reached by entering a cave accessed by a very treacherous path along the shore and going through areas of the former Citadel, but typically entrants used one of the many secret teleport stations located in Waterdeep or other areas of the Realms. The Hold had direct links from such places as Elminster's Tower, Twilight Hall, a cave on an island in the Sea of Fallen Stars, and a hollow tree in the Ardeep Forest. It also could be used to teleport to areas in Suzail, Llorbauth, Tantras, the High Forest, Moongleam Tower, and a few other places in the city of Waterdeep itself.[1]

The primary use of the hold was a place of respite for members of the Harpers. Healing magics worked exceptionally well there and wounds healed exceptionally fast on their own as well. Harpers also used the place to gather and exchange information about the goings-on around the Realms.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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