Hartkiller was the last son of Annam All-Father and Othea.[1]


His mother deliberately delayed his birth because she had made a deal with Annam that he could only return once his son called his name, but she was then poisoned by another of her sons, Lanaxis, and died. When she died, she was in the form of a mountain, and Hartkiller still managed to get out into the open from the "womb cave".[1]

One of his first actions was eating a deer, from which he took his name.[1]

Hartkiller soon began the task of restoring Ostoria to its former glory, the reason he had been conceived in the first place. Because of his short stature, his siblings would not believe that he was chosen by Annam for this task and refused to help, so he sought help from the humans instead, in return for protection from the giants.[1] The giant-kin (those fathered by Ulutiu and not Annam) took Hartkiller's side against the giants in the War of the Hart. The kingdom became known as Hartsvale and the area survived in modern-day Faerûn.[2]

Hartkiller died at the end of the War of the Hart in a battle with the storm giant paramount that was said to have lasted for more than a hundred days.[2]


He was only 12' (3.6 m) tall and so he was considered to be a "runt".[1]


Hartkiller's mother was Othea and his father was Annam All-Father.[3] His brothers were Masud, Nicias, Obadai, Ottar, Ruk, and Vilmos, and his half-brothers included Dunmore[1] and the first of each of the giant-kin races, the firbolgs, fomorians, ogres, verbeegs, and voadkyn.[4] Hartkiller had a half-human, half-giant son, Brun.[2]


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