Hartwick was a small town on the west bank of the Clear Whirl River in Hartsvale.[1]


The town was populated by craftsmen, fishermen, and gatherers, as well as by rich traders and merchants, who lived in large manor houses.[1]


The village was located just outside of Castle Hartwick on the mainland.[1] The village was the western connection of Coggin's Rise, which ran east to the village of Stagwick.[2]


The town seems to have been led by a group of "town fathers".[1]

Notable InhabitantsEdit

Notable LocationsEdit

The only significant site within the town was an ancient mausoleum, older than even Castle Hartwick, by several decades. The mausoleum was dedicated to the hero Veltig, a Blood Rider.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

In 1366 DR,[note 1] one of the seals to Veltig's mausoleum was discovered to have been broken from the inside, leading to many rumors. Some of the Twilight Omens observed by the giants in the region were thought by the town fathers to have been connected to the mausoleum.[1]



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