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Hasheth Balik was a rising noble and a member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Hasheth was a minor son of the late Pasha Balik of Zazesspur born in 1349 DR. He was a very competent schemer and information collector.

In 1362 DR, Hasheth enrolled in the School of Stealth to train as an assassin but did not remain long, although he learned some very useful skills. In that time, Hasheth also came into contact with the Harpers Danilo Thann and Arilyn Moonblade.

Afterwards, he settled as a landlord in the Venazir Lands, where he bought an estate with his father's money. In 1364 DR, Hasheth impressed both Inselm Hhune and Alaric Hembreon by resolving a conflict with the elves of Tethyr in the Trade Way and with this he was sponsored to join the Knights. From there, he acted as an agent and apprentice of Hhune in the Zazesspur area. Sometimes, Hasheth acted as an informant for the Harpers but had no loyalty to them.[1]



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