Hathran is a special prestige class of Rashemen. Members of the Wychlaran, also called the Witches of Rashemen, hathrans are an elite class of female spellcasters who rule over Rashemen[1] and protect their people against the invasions of greedy wizards of Thay.[citation needed]

They develop a bond with their land that gives them exceptional power, as long as they don't leave their homeland.[2] They have to adopt some strict rules, like wearing a mask to conceal their face when traveling outside Rashemen or refusing to craft magic items (an activity that is restricted to the order of male spellcasters).[1] They may use circle magic, speak freely with spirits and even sometime use their bond outside Rashemen as they grow in power.[2]


Hathrans have cohorts that are either female ethrans or male barbarians.[2]
Place Magic
This ability allows hathrans to draw upon the power and spirit of Rashemen to cast spells that they haven't prepared.[2]
Greater Command
Hathrans are granted an ability as per a quickened version of the spell greater command.[2]

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