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Haunghdannar was a small realm of seafaring dwarves located on the Sword Coast during the Age of the Proud People. They remained vigilant against the beasts of west Faerûn, but were eventually driven mad by the time they spent at sea. Their nation had rather undefined borders.[1]

The emblem of Haunghdannar was a left-facing fish over a mountain, encircled by a seven-pointed star.[1]

Notable Locations[]

  • Barrhindlun: The port city was believed to have collapsed into the sea, and was believed to remain under the waters beneath the 14th-century settlement of Leilon.[1]
  • Sonnmorndin: An island fortress built on Arauwurbarak.[1]
  • Southkrypt: Located beneath the mountains they referred to as the Maruutdin, this subterranean dwarfhold defended the dwarves' eastern border.[1]


The nation was founded on the coast of the Sea of Swords, in the year −4974 DR, by a group of dwarves who were believed to have a much larger, more prosperous dwarf kingdom. They were believed to have been armed with a mighty arsenal of magic weapons, granting them strong defense against the goblinoids and leucrottas in the area. Around 300 years later, they completed construction on the fortress of Sonnmorndin on Arauwurbarak island, in the Moonshae Isles.[1][2]

In the year −3389 DR they sent out a fleet of ships, very few of which returned. It was believed the sea had driven the dwarves mad and, degenerating, the realm dwindled over time until it was overrun by the orcs, trolls, ogres, and bugbears of the coastlands.[1][3]

It was believed the survivors of Haunghdannar eventually became the Madbeard berserkers that raided Northlander ships from their island home in the Uttersea.[4]