Hawkwing's Brook was a tributary of the Sulduskoon River in Tethyr.[1]


The brook began in the Starspire Mountains[2] and flowed down through County Uluran[3] to join the great Sulduskoon.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Argentwing Dell 
This small dell is located between Hawkwing's Brook and the Sulduskoon and is roughly shaped like a butterfly.[2]
Uluran Keep 
The count of Uluran (sometimes) lives in this fort on the western edge of the brook.[3]


The brook used to be called Banshee's Brook or Tethir Brook until a brave, young elven warrior woman called Hawkwing lost her life here in 1364 DR defending the Forest of Tethir against those corrupting it.[1]