Hazirawn was an enchanted and sentient greatsword of Netherese manufacture. It was infamously wielded by the wyrmspeaker, Rezmir, during the Tyranny of Dragons.[1]


Hazirawn was a dark-colored blade of Netherese design. It sported a curling guard and a pommel embedded with a purple gem.[2]


As an intelligent item, Hazirawn had a personality and moral alignment of its own. It could even converse in both the Common and Netherese languages. Once a wielder took up Hazirawn, it functioned as a +1 greatsword when used in combat and further infused the weapon's attacks with necrotic energy.[1]

Additionally, if the wielder of Hazirawn managed to successfully attune themselves with the weapon, then its powers doubled in potency and the blade revealed its deeper abilities. Firstly, an attuned wielder could manifest the spells: detect magic, detect evil, detect good, and detect thoughts. These spells renewed each night at midnight. Secondly, when attuned to a wielder, Hazirawn became an even deadlier weapon and gained the wounding property.


One of the few scions of the Netherese House Orogoth, Rezmir had come into possession of Hazirawn by 1489 DR.[3] She wielded it throughout the Tyranny of Dragons when the Cult of the Dragon sought to bring Tiamat to Faerûn. [4]

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