Hazlik was a Red Wizard who formerly lived in Thay and later became the Lord of Hazlan in the Demiplane of Dread.[1]


Hazlik was a rising Red Wizard of Thay[1] of the Evocation school.[citation needed]

In his rise to power, he became enemy of the necromancer Thantosya. Hazlik coveted her lover, Orliab, but this was the start of his downfall. Orliab, under orders from Thantosya, manipulated Hazlik and lured him into a trap.[citation needed] Captured by his enemies, Hazlik was tattooed with feminine tattoos, making him a pariah among his fellow Red Wizards.[1] Full of rage, he killed Orliab and tortured Thantosya to death.[citation needed]

In search of his enemies, he was claimed by the Dark Powers and arrived in the Demiplane of Dread where he become the ruler of his own domain, Hazlan. He also become one of the most powerful spellcasters of Ravenloft.[1]



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