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Heal was a conjuration, evocation, or necromancy spell that cured many ailments and restored health.[1][2][4][5][8] The reverse of this spell, harm, could drain health away, bringing a creature to near unconsciousness and death.[4][5][8]


The caster had to touch the recipient of this spell for it to work.[2][4][5][8]

The original necromantic version of this spell restored a creature to full health, cured all diseases, restored sight, and cured mental disorders caused by brain injury or magic such as feeblemind.[4][5][8]

After the Year of Wild Magic, the conjuration version delivered a charge of positive energy that had an upper limit on how much health it could restore, but it also cured blindness, deafness, disease, insanity, poison, sickness of all sorts, and the effects of spells such as confusion, and feeblemind.[2]

If cast in reverse, harm brought a living creature to the brink of unconsciousness and inflicted a disease on the victim.[4][5][8]

If either version was successfully cast on an undead creature, it acted like the corresponding harm spell.[2][4][5][8]


The spell needed only verbal and somatic components to be cast.[1]

Notable Uses[]

During the Time of Troubles in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, Luna used a heal spell to damage and disabled a trio of night riders in the streets of Waterdeep. It allowed her and her friends to get away.[10]


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