Heart of ice was a divine magic spell available to clerics and crusaders of Auril, the Frostmaiden. It caused massive internal damage to the creature touched, often fatally shattering the heart.[1]


It took a full minute of intense concentration to build up the fury of this spell, and then it required the caster to successfully touch the target. When touched, the victim's skin turned black as the sky of the Negative Energy plane itself, and their body was rimed with white frost. If the creature failed to resist the magic of this spell, it froze and shattered the heart, causing immediate death. If the victim was able to resist, he or she still suffered a large amount of cold damage to their internal organs which could also prove fatal. If they survived, the victim could do nothing except yell and choose which direction to fall down as their body was wracked with uncontrollable shivering, leaving them helpless.[1]

As an ironic side effect, survivors of this spell were immune to further cold damage for over two hours (even longer when heart of ice was cast by more experienced priests). Priests of Auril were partially immune to this spell, as were creatures that thrived in extreme cold such as remorhaz, winter wolves, white dragons, and denizens of the Paraelemental Plane of Ice. These creatures and individuals suffered no damage if they resisted the spell, and minor internal bruising if they did not.[1]


Only the somatic gestures and the touching of the target were required to cast this spell.[1]



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