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The Heartblood River (sometimes written as Heart Blood River[1]) was a river that started somewhere in the Star Mounts and joined the river Delimbiyr just off the eastern edge of the High Forest in the Savage Frontier. It flowed near the ruins of Karse.[4][3][2][1] It was also sometimes known as the Hartblood River.[2]


It found its source on the north face of the Star Mounts and wound its way east and south through the Dire Wood.[4]


The river gained its name from the red tinge its waters took on as they passed the ruined city of Karse in the Dire Wood. By the time it joined the Delimbiyr, its waters returned to a normal hue.[4][5]


In the Shrine of the Undying Heart, atop a red stone butte in the center of the Dire Wood, there stood an animated stone statue of the Momentary God, Karsus. From a gaping hole in its chest, a stream of otherworldly red liquid like blood constantly poured forth, ultimately joining the Heartblood River and giving it its color.[5]


It was said that drinking from the waters when they still flowed red could grant an increase to magical powers, or help stave off adverse magical effects.[4]



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