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Horseman's pick.
Horseman's picks

Horseman's picks

A heavy pick is a one-handed, martial melee weapon.[1]


The heavy pick is similar to a miner's pick but specifically designed for war.[2] The haft is about 4 feet (1.2m) long and can be made of wood or metal.[3] The metal weapon head is a slightly curved thick spike backed by either a smaller spike or a hammer head. Some heavy picks are indistinguishable from a light hammer with a pick on the back. An average heavy pick costs 8gp and weighs 6lbs (2.7kg).[4]

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The heavy pick is also known as a horseman's pick as they were often wielded from horseback.[3] Picks are intended to pierce plate armor but can get stuck if swung too hard. Some training is required to wield effectively, therefore the heavy pick is classified as a martial weapon.[1]

Other editionsEdit

The second edition player's handbook does not mention picks, but first edition and 3.5 edition do.

Notable heavy picksEdit

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