Hekaton was the storm giant king until sometime after the War of the Silver Marches.[2]


Hekaton ruled the storm giants but asserted his authority over all races of giants. Just before the time of the shattering of the ordning, receiving no more answers from the giant pantheon, he came to believe that the time of giants was over. After the end of the ordning, Hekaton was greatly shocked but his wife Neri said to him that the future was in the hands of the small folk.

Thank to Neri's belief and some omens, Hekaton decided to appoint his youngest daughter Serissa, who agreed with Neri's ideas, as his heir, angering his older daughters Mirran and Nym.

When, in the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, Neri's dead body was found, Hekaton exploded in rage but Serissa managed to calm her father. Hekaton decided to find Neri's assassin but Mirran and Nym, with the help of the disguised Iymrith, managed to deceive Hekaton.[2]

He was lured into a trap devised by Kraken Society agents who, posing as Lords' Alliance agents, captured him and placed him in a stasis sphere in a shielded ship constantly at sea.[1]


Hekaton did not much like the small folk but, out of respect for Neri, he would collaborate with them in time of need.[2] He trusted only Serissa and his brother Uthor.[1]





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