Helda Silverstream was a dwarf just returned to Icewind Dale in 1485 DR.[1]


Helda was born in Kelvin's Cairn in the union of Clan Silverstream and Clan Battlehammer and was the niece of Stokely Silverstream. At a young age, full of stories from her mother about the Companions of the Hall, she traveled to Mithral Hall.

Helda later settled in Mirabar, where she joined the Axe of Mirabar, but usually wandered from Waterdeep to Icewind Dale to sell her works. In 1485 DR, alarmed by strange rumors about dissent against her uncle, Helda returned to the dale to check on the situation. She was probably involved in the conflict between Stokely and Baerick Hammerstone.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

Helda can recruit the adventurers in Bryn Shander as bodyguards.


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