Helians were highly intelligent and ill-tempered creatures made of living flame who originated in the Elemental Plane of Fire and inhabited the sun of Realmspace.[1]


As creatures of living flame who'd taken a fixed shape, helians appeared to have a muscular humanoid body with a smooth reddish-yellow skin. In fact, their bodies were composed of a quasi-metallic skeleton that supported the liquid flames that constituted their bodies.[1]


Despite being ill-tempered and apparently aggressive, helians had a strong sense of self-preservation and protection of their tribes. They did not enjoy fighting, but did so ferociously when necessary.[1]

Some helians that lived on the sun enjoyed riding the enormous columns of spiraling flames that were produced by solar flares.[2]


In close combat, helians either used their own fists to deal devastating damage, especially to metals due to their intense heat, or simply grappled their opponents and let the high temperature of their bodies finish the job.[1]

If attacking a distant target, such as a spelljammer in flight, helians typically threw burning fragments of solar matter directly at the ship.[2] They could conjure these fragments directly from the Plane of Fire, and they caused devastating damage akin to a hugely amplified fireball.[1]


The main social unit of helians was the tribe. Helians from the same tribe protected each other fiercely, and did not hesitate to back out from a losing battle, if only to be able to fight another day.[1]


A helian formed when the soul of a worshiper of a fire elemental deity met the intense heat of the Elemental Plane of Fire. The new creature retained the knowledge and wisdom of its previous life, but none of its memories or experiences.[1]

Helians living in the Plane of Fire were constantly persecuted by the efreet and other races of the plane. Those that managed to escape found refuge on the sun. As creatures who had faced intense persecution, helians despised the way most spacefaring races treated one another and tended to attack on sight spelljammers that moved too close to their domains.[1]



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