Helimbraun was one of the leading Lords of Imphras II who governed the kingdom of Impiltur during the mid-to-late 14th century DR. He had a strong voice within the council, often deciding what "was best" for the realm along with hes fellow outspoken lords Limbrar and Oriseus.[1]


Shortly before the young Crown prince Imbrar II was to come of age and claim the throne as king of the nation, in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, Helimbraun suddenly became extremely fervent in his aim to "root all evil" from the realm. He suggested his fellow councilors were lacking in morality and admonished them for expressing tolerance in the face of matters he deemed unacceptable.[1]


Although the Lords of Imphras often disagreed with one another, Limbrar, Oriseus and Helimbraun served as their de facto leaders for many years during the reign of Queen-regent Sambryl.[1]

Helimbraun's sudden, newfound zeal was strongly opposed by his former ally Limbrar. The latter attributed this attitude to the breakdown of the relationship between the formerly united triumvirate that guided the council of lords.[1]



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