Hellfire was a type of energy,[1] which was also described as a magical substance.[3]


Mephistopheles was the first one to invent the method to create it.[1] He used to take on jobs as subcontractor of Asmodeus's cult. On inventing the method to generate hellfire, he started to outsource these jobs to other devils, while he tried to set himself up as a "god of hellfire" and be worshiped as such in his own cult. Favored members could obtain the ability to cast the spells hellfire and hellfire storm.[3]

The use of hellfire became commonplace among the archdevils. However, Mephistopheles remained its best user[1] and also founded a research facility called the School of Hellfire.[4]


Hellfire was a kind of fire. It glowed white and was very hot. The temperature hellfire reached exceeded that of any other form of fire. It was so high that protection against heat, including complete immunity, was worthless against it. Hellfire's destructive capabilities extended to objects too. No matter how the object in question was protected, no matter how well it could withstand heat, hellfire simply destroyed it.[2]


One branch of warlocks that could use hellfire regardless of their ethical and moral outlook were the hellfire warlocks. They could enhance their magical abilities with hellfire. However, channeling hellfire was dangerous to the physical health of the user and could kill him or her with overuse.[5]


Hellfire could be created by using the plane of Baator as a direct source of energy.[1]


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