Hellfire Storm was an evocation spell.[1][2]


By casting hellfire storm, the caster caused an explosion similar to that caused by the hellfire spell. The difference was that it was more devastating, had a longer range, and the explosion had double the radius of the hellfire spell.[2] This fire bypassed every kind of magical[1] and other defenses against fire.[2]


Hellfire storm required only verbal and somatic components.[1][2]


Hellfire storm was a spell that was only available to people who had access to the Diabolic domain.[1][2] However, there was one exception. People who signed up with the cult of Mephistopheles could gain access to it. To do so, they needed to agree to conduct corrupt and obeisant acts, the former was a term to describe acts to further the tilt towards evil in a person, the latter towards law. When they became favored members of the cult, they finally gained access to hellfire storm and could cast the spell whether they were clerics or not.[3]


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