Helm Stoneblade was a knight serving the Stag King of Athalantar, Uthgrael Aumar, and the new king of the kingdom after 240 DR.


Helm was a knight serving the kingdom of Athalantar and his king Uthgrael. When the king died in 216 DR and his sons, the Warring Princes of Athalantar, started a bloody contest for the throne, Helm and many of his fellows abandoned the court and started lives as outlaws, especially after power was seized by Belaur Aumar and the magelords.

Helm tried to fight the usurpers but with little hope. In 222 DR, he made friends with young Elminster Aumar. Later, the magelords killed Elminster's parents, and he helped him in all things.

Many years later, Elminster, by now a powerful wizard, came back in his country to defeat the magelords and recruit Helm and his fellows as allies. Elminster, the only remaining heir of Uthgrael, then nominated Helm to be king for his valor and integrity.[1]


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