A helm of brilliance was a type of magically enchanted helmet that allowed the wearer to cast a number of radiant, spell-like abilities.[1] These Lathanderite helmets originated from the Sword Coast, some time well before the mid–14th century DR.[5]


The helm was crafted from polished steel, with crown-like spikes that were inset with a number of glowing gems. These included opals, diamonds, fire opals, and rubies, which gleamed with a fantastic, magical light that emanated from within. When a bright light shone upon the helm's jewels they would shine out in a fantastic display of radiance.[1][5]


The helm bestowed upon the wearer some protection against fire and emitted a faint light out for 30 feet (9.1 meters) that harmed the undead, and the magic-imbued jewels granted them the power to cast certain arcane spells a select number of times each day.[1] Among these were flame lash,[5] fireball, daylight, wall of fire, prismatic spray.[1] and sunray.[1]

Each of the spells corresponded to one of the gems: fireball from the fire opals, prismatic spray from the diamonds, etc. If all of the gems were removed from the helm, after which they would dissolve into dust, it would lose its magical powers and enchantments.[4]


The helms of brilliance originated from the city of Baldur's Gate, having been crafted by the renowned cleric of Lathander named Ergelion. He bestowed these helms upon his friends before they set out to destroy a horde of undead that was beginning to overrun the Troll Hills in the Western Heartlands. Although those heroes were never heard from again, they succeeded in their task in halting the army of the dead.[5]

Few of these helms still exited in Faerûn in the years following the Time of Troubles which took place in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR,[5] though there was at least one still on Toril following the Second Sundering.[4]

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