A helm of charm protection was a type of magical helm that protected its wearer from mind-altering spells and effects.[1][2]

Powers[edit | edit source]

As the name suggests, this variety of helm shielded a person's mind from spells and abilities that fell under the charm classification. It did not however offer any protection against spells or effects that influenced the wearer's emotions.[1][2]

Reputation[edit | edit source]

These helmets were often utilized by high-end mercenary companies to ensure the performance of their members.[1][2]

Notable Owners[edit | edit source]

One of these helmets was worn by the bandit Draug Fea.[2]

The Athkatlan slavemaster Olaf Rassmussen also wore this type of helm.[2]

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Video Games
Baldur's GateBaldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn

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