A helmet, or helm, was a piece of armor used for defending the head and face of the wearer. They were used all around Toril and could also be used as martial weapons.


Helmets came in all shapes and sizes, and could be magically enchanted. There were several distinct types of helmets and they were an essential part of most heavy armor.[1]

As a weaponEdit

As well as the standard usage of a helmet, to protect the head, they were often used for attacking, mainly by dwarves. Bruenor Battlehammer wore a one-horned helmet[2], and Ivan Bouldershoulder used a helmet with stag horns attached.[3] Both of them used it to headbutt their foes to push them away, or for raw damage.

  • Horned helmet: A standard helmet with bull's horns attached. It dealt high damage when charging a foe with it.[1]
  • Spiked helmet: A helmet with a single large spike protruding out of the front. It also dealt high damage when charging a foe. It was less costly than a horned helmet.[1]

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