A helmet, or helm, was a piece of armor used for defending the head and face of the wearer. They were used all around Toril and could also be used as martial weapons.

Description[edit | edit source]

Helmets came in all shapes and sizes, and could be magically enchanted. There were several distinct types of helmets and they were an essential part of most heavy armor.[1]

As a weapon[edit | edit source]

As well as the standard usage of a helmet, to protect the head, they were often used for attacking, mainly by dwarves. Bruenor Battlehammer wore a one-horned helmet[2], and Ivan Bouldershoulder used a helmet with stag horns attached.[3] Both of them used it to headbutt their foes to push them away, or for raw damage.

  • Horned helmet: A standard helmet with bull's horns attached. It dealt high damage when charging a foe with it.[1]
  • Spiked helmet: A helmet with a single large spike protruding out of the front. It also dealt high damage when charging a foe. It was less costly than a horned helmet.[1]

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