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The Helmfast (pronounced: /ˈhɛlmfɑːstHELM-fast[3]) family was part of the nobility of Waterdeep, first gaining nobility status in Year of the Wandering Waves, 1292 DR.[2]


As of the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, the patriarch of the Helmfast family was Lord Kelvar Helmfast, 'The Old Captain', and his acting consort was Ranya. Edwind Helmfast was Kelvar's eldest son and designated heir. During this period, there were thirty-two living members of the Helmfast noble family.[3][4]

The Helmfasts also had trade and a holding in New Waterdeep in Maztica,[2] working as harbormasters and shipwrights.[5]


House Helmfast were shipwrights by trade.[2] The family had access to properties and exclusive trade agreements with New Waterdeep in Maztica and some family members worked there as harbormasters. [2][5]


The family first received their nobility ranking in Year of the Wandering Waves, 1292 DR.[2]

In the year of 1357 DR, Lady Durndatha Greatgaunt of Cormyr married Lord Harmantle Helmfast, becoming Lady Helmfast. However, in 1358 DR, she was murdered by a Zhentarim agent sent to kill her by the wizard Ultcantle. Lady Helmfast managed to thwart the scheme to poison multiple wine cellars across the city, but ultimately she perished in the attack. As of 1359 DR, the demigod Siamorphe had embodied Lady Helmfast.[6]

Sometime before 1370 DR, House Helmfast was part of a sponsored expedition to Maztica, establishing a connection to Waterdeep and creating New Waterdeep. [5]

Base of Operations[]

The Helmfast noble villa was located in the North Ward of Waterdeep and consisted three floors.[7][8] The property could be found near Golden Serpent Street and the infamous Catchthief Alley.[9]


  • Kelvar Helmfast: Also known as "The Old Captain", Kelvar was the patriarch and family leader in the mid-to-late 14th century DR.[3] He was a notable Master Shipwright and fighter and was also the leader of a Waterdhavian guild called the Order Of Master Shipwrights.[10][11]
  • Ranya Helmfast: Consort of House Helmfast.
  • Edwind Helmfast: Also know as "The Young Captain", he was the eldest son of Kelvar and heir of the family.



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