Heptios was a mage and philosopher in Cimbar in Chessenta in the mid–14th century DR, and the most powerful Chessentan wizard of his day.[2] He was known as "Heptios the Archmage".[1]


Having given up life as a wizard to become a philosopher, Heptios wandered the streets of Cimbar trying to discuss philosophy with the crowds. He did prefer others' company and conversation to the seclusion of magical research.

Heptios had quarters at the University but preferred to live in friends' houses whilst moving between them regularly. He rarely visited his own quarters except to store spells and magical items.[2]


In Chessenta, the people are incapable of living a quiet life, or allowing others to live quietly
— Heptios[1]

Heptios argued that passions would lead people into reckless and dangerous behavior, and that emotion must be overcome by rational thought.[2]

In relation to the orcs and half-orcs of Airspur, Heptios argued that orcs who adopted human values might be the greatest threat the Realms had ever known.[3]


Chessenta is a mosaic of a nation that was made by ten different artists, all of them blindfolded.
— Heptios[4]

Needless to say, Heptios was hated by Cimbar's Mob and, frankly, he didn't much like them either. The Mob even attempted to kill him on several occasions, but Heptios had a cube of force to shield him from all but their abuse.[2]

Heptios led a small group of like-minded philosophers known as the Heptain. They educated others on the importance of philosophy and rationalism compared to superstition.[2]

Despite rumors to the contrary, Heptios disavowed any connection with the Numbers Cult.[2]

Impressively, the god Azuth, Patron of Mages, was once seen talking with Heptios.[5]


Our love of things of the mind and things of beauty should not lead to extravagance, nor to softness of the mind or body. In Chessenta, we avoid all excesses.
— Heptios[6]

Heptios was an old man, short and fat and bald. He commonly wore brown robes with a hood.[2]



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