Herald's Hall (also seen as Heralds' Hall) was an opulent manor on an island on a subterranean lake, and was the secret headquarters of the Heralds of Faerûn.[1][2][3]


Herald's Hall was located in Swordsmere, a cave complex deep beneath Mount Sklagarra in the Troll Mountains in western Amn. It was only accessible via portals from Athkatla, Baldur's Gate, Beregost, Eshpurta, and Murann.[1][2][3]


The luxurious mansion was the residence of the acknowledged leader of the Heralds, the High Herald known as Unicorn. There were a few smaller buildings but some of the Swordsmere caverns served as "rooms" for various activities. Below the main house were vaults containing treasure, weaponry, and armor, relics of historic battles, as well as banners and other important representations of heraldry from all over Faerûn.[1][2][3]


Because the High Herald Unicorn lived here, there were many meetings and comings and goings of Harpers and other Heralds doing the business of enforcing the Law of Arms and gathering information. There was a cavern dedicated to spell casting, where wizards could refine their Art in relative safety under an enchanted ceiling that imitated a clear, starry night sky. Another nearby cavern was converted into a festhall where lavish banquets could be hosted among a flock of floating torches that gave off a perfumed scent. The banquet hall had an upper level balcony that circled the room and led off to many guest rooms.[1][2]


The defenses of Herald's Hall were also the defenses of Swordsmere. All passages into Swordsmere from Deep Shanatar were sealed off when they were found—the only means of ingress or egress was by portal. The whole cavern complex was cloaked from scrying and beset with magical traps. The lake surrounding the island and Herald's Hall was inhabited by fierce carnivorous aquatic creatures[2] and the entire area was patrolled by the spirits of famous warriors akin to spectral harpists, runic guardians, and shield guardians. These tireless protectors were under orders to capture and contain anything that was not a recognized member of the Heralds.[1][3]



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