Herald's Rest was an opulent and exclusive inn, festhall, and brothel frequented by members of the Heralds and the Harpers.[1]


Herald's Rest was located in the city of Berdusk in the Western Heartlands.[1]


The building resembled a small castle.[1]


Luxuriously appointed with quiet carpets, fine tapestries, privacy veils, muted lighting, and exquisite furnishings.[1]


Herald's Rest offered escorts, both male and female, that were highly skilled and accommodating. There were also portals to Ardeep Forest near Waterdeep, Silverymoon, and Twilight Hall in central Berdusk that were discretely made available to those willing to pay a steep fee.[1]


This establishment was founded by a noble woman, reputedly a former princess, who gave up a rigidly controlled life of class and formal etiquette in order to more freely indulge in pleasure and association. The festhall was named for an auspicious visit by three past High Heralds who were extremely impressed with the decor and services—one of them even married his escort—and offered to purchase the place. Their offer was politely refused, but they were allowed to subsidize the operation during an economic downturn and thereafter the Heralds got a portion of the profits.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

  • The exclusive nature of the Rest generated various rumors of treasure, important documents, and even fugitive Harpers and Heralds being hidden here.[1]


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