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The Heralds of Faerûn had members in most cities of significant size or in locations where their services were in demand. Each local Herald was responsible for their city and usually the surrounding countryside as well. Each office had a unique name which the Herald used on official business, rather than their real name. In Cormyr, where the Heralds were an integral part of the government, the crown decided that Herald offices should be the same as the city in which they were based. Below is a table of the known local heralds.[1][2] Location is usually the name of their city, but some Heralds wander about or ride a circuit.[3] Sorting by Region will group them geographically.

Location Region Office Name Real Name
Amphail Northwest Faerûn Diadar unknown
Arabel Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Arabel Westar of the Gates (1368 DR)
Arevar West Faerûn, Nimbral Thuldroun unknown
Arrabar Interior Faerûn Bronzespur unknown
Athkatla West Faerûn Stars Ankem Nhriil (1370 DR)
Baldur's Gate West Faerûn Narlhelm unknown
Berdusk West Faerûn Morningstar unknown
Beregost West Faerûn Red Sword unknown
Bromtor West Faerûn, Nimbral Lyaparce unknown
Crimmor West Faerûn Sable Mikaal Krimmevol (1370 DR)
Curstallyon West Faerûn, Nimbral Ramrath unknown
Darromar West Faerûn unknown Chastus Beldrorn[4] (c. 1372 DR)
Dhedluk Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Dhedluk Ildul Stonegiant (1368 DR)
Elturel West Faerûn Ironflower unknown
Elventree North Faerûn Moonsilver Elanil Elassidil (1367 DR)
Elversult Interior Faerûn Purple Halberd unknown
Esdul West Faerûn, Nimbral Mhanrued unknown
Eshpurta West Faerûn Swanmantle Ard Roton (1370 DR)
Espar Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Espar Gzelder "Yellow Hand" Yespar (1368 DR)
Essembra North Faerûn Bright Shield unknown
Eveningstar Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Eveningstar Tzin Tzummer (1368 DR)
Hawkhill West Faerûn Artrumpet[5] unknown
High Horn Interior Faerûn, Cormyr High Horn Dhag Greybeard (1368 DR)
Hill's Edge West Faerûn Drawn Dagger unknown
Hillsfar North Faerûn Shimmaree unknown
Hilp Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Hilp Baldask Delzantar (1368 DR)
Hlath Interior Faerûn Bloodbanner unknown
Immersea Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Immersea Geldroon Culspiir (1368 DR)
Iriaebor West Faerûn Oakenstaff unknown
Ithmong West Faerûn Blue Velvet Uriel Honnice (1370 DR)
Luskan Northwest Faerûn Bucklebar unknown
Marsember Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Marsember Bledryn Scoril (1368 DR)
Mirabar Northwest Faerûn Jhalvar unknown
Murann West Faerûn Tallboots Eltar Catham (1370 DR)
Myratma West Faerûn unknown Aldrur Hariburt[4] (c. 1372 DR)
Neverwinter Northwest Faerûn Silver Scales unknown
Nimbral (at large) West Faerûn, Nimbral Culree unknown
Nimbral (at large) West Faerûn, Nimbral Honthallow unknown
Nimbral (at large) West Faerûn, Nimbral Maunthar unknown
Nimbral (at large) West Faerûn, Nimbral Vorlmaer unknown
Nimith West Faerûn, Nimbral Statharn unknown
Nimpeth Interior Faerûn Dragonplume unknown
Nimsur West Faerûn, Nimbral Durlance unknown
Ordulin Interior Faerûn Lazalar unknown
Ormath Interior Faerûn Lone Tree unknown
Ormen West Faerûn, Nimbral Fyrefelen unknown
Rauthaven West Faerûn, Nimbral Skannajh unknown
Ravens Bluff North Faerûn, the Vast The Ravencoat Bundrigo Dalastarra (–1370 DR)
Lastraeya Indomurr (1370–)
Riatavin West Faerûn Thorn Tree unknown
Secomber West Faerûn High Bow unknown
Saerloon Interior Faerûn Curved Sword unknown
Saradush West Faerûn Shining Helm Jhessar "Oldeyes" Talltankard (1370 DR)
Silverymoon Northwest Faerûn Dark Stag unknown
Sombor West Faerûn, Nimbral Hoathal unknown
Sundabar Northwest Faerûn Hawkfeather unknown
Suthhaven West Faerûn, Nimbral Taerash unknown
Suzail Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Suzail Xrorn Hackhand (1368 DR)
Lady Eleanor Thond[6] (1479 DR)
Tethmor West Faerûn, Nimbral Ohndivur unknown
Teziir Interior Faerûn Sundazzle unknown
Tilverton Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Tilverton Cuthric Snow (1368 DR)
Thunderstone Interior Faerûn, Cormyr unofficial[7] Hurm Thiodor (late 1360s DR)
Tyrluk Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Tyrluk Nzal "Tooth" Tursa (1368 DR)
Vindal West Faerûn, Nimbral Ultaunt unknown
Waterdeep Northwest Faerûn Falconfree unknown
Waymoot Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Waymoot Dhag Greybeard (1368 DR)
Alatha Korduis (?)[note 1]
Westgate Interior Faerûn Flailchains unknown
Wheloon Interior Faerûn, Cormyr Wheloon Elaerue Estspirit (1368 DR)
Yartar Northwest Faerûn Gold Saddle unknown
Zazesspur West Faerûn Swordswreath unknown



  1. In 1368 DR, Dhag Greybeard was serving as the Herald for both High Horn and Waymoot. He was in the process of training Alatha Korduis for the office of Waymoot. See page 77 of The Code of the Harpers.


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