The Heralds Pursuivant were a group of talented and senior Heralds that served the High Heralds as apprentices, personal assistants, messengers, and itinerant representatives. They were trusted envoys that carried out sensitive missions, sometimes requiring secrecy and disguises.[1][2]

In the Herald organization, the Heralds Pursuivant were second only to the High Heralds and were under the tutelage of Old Night.[3] When they were not carrying out the wishes of their superiors, they studied the finer points of the Law of Arms and the vast lexicon of lineages, genealogies, traditions, history, and precedence that each Herald had to master. As part of their training, a Pursuivant was required to design their own heraldic devices and choose an appellation for their office. If a High Herald position opened up due to the retirement or death of the office holder, a replacement was chosen from the ranks of the Pursuivants and their name and coat-of-arms were discarded in favor of those associated with the legendary and highly respected office.[1][2] Heralds Pursuivant were also prime candidates to fill the "everchanging offices" of Gauntlet and Green Shield when their four-year terms expired just before each Shieldmeet.[4]


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