Herne The Huntmaster (also known as Herne the Wild Hunter) was a hunter power worshiped by the orcs of the High Forest instead of the Orc pantheon.[2][3]

Herne was a corrupted version of the Master of the Hunt, who came to Faerûn with a wave of other interloper deities, one of whom was Oghma.[2]

During the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, Malar killed Herne and took his portfolio. He also began posing as him, granting spells to Herne's worshipers.[2]

It was Malar fighting and defeating Herne on Faerûn that convinced Lolth to recruit the Beastlord to join her anti-Seldarine.[4]

During the Grey Migrations of 1372 DR, the orcs' faith remained strong and they took it with them to the Delimbiyr Vale and Graypeak Mountains.[citation needed]


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