Heroes' Lorebook is a Forgotten Realms accessory published in 1996 by TSR, Inc, describing popular heroic characters from various Forgotten Realms novels. It is the follow-up to Hall of Heroes, a similar accessory published in 1989.

They are the stuff legends are made of. In fact, they are the legends.

The major characters who have fought—and in some cases died—for the sake of goodness and justice in all parts of the Forgotten Realms campaign world are chronicled for posterity in Heroes' Lorebook, a 160-page compendium of the heroes whose exploits have filled dozens of novels over the past decade.

Inside you'll find updated game statistics and descriptions for Elminster, Drizzt Do'Urden, Alias, and many other characters who appeared in the Hall of Heroes collection published in 1989, as well as a host of brand-new biographies for heroes such as Brianna and Tavis Burdun, Alicia Kendrick, Cadderly, and Danica, who have never been featured in a game product until now.

No collection of Forgotten Realms gaming literature is complete without this "Who's Who" of the people—and creatures—who have prevented the forces of evil from having their way.
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