The Heroes of Waterdeep were an adventuring group famed for killing the first beholder to assume the name of Xanathar.


Initial assignment and rise to fameEdit

The group were appointed a mission of great urgency by the Lords of Waterdeep. Their task was to head down to the sewers of Waterdeep to investigate an unknown evil. They accepted the task and were given the commission and letter of Marque, an official document describing their task.[1]

The adventurers achieved many feats, and were said to have aided a dwarven clan: they rescued Prince Keirgar from the drow, as well as curing King Teirgoh from a seemingly endless coma. After adventuring down twelve floors and acquiring the legendary Wand of Silvias, they defeated Xanathar. The group destroyed the body of the evil beholder, ripped out his eye-stalk as proof of his death, and victoriously returned to the surface. They immediately reported to the lords.[1]

When the party entered, the Open Lord, Piergeiron the Paladinson, mocked them, stating that they had probably only slain a sewer rat. To his surprise, and to the joy of the Lords of Waterdeep, the group placed a beholder's eye-stalk—that of Xanathar—on his desk. After their heroic deed, the adventuring party were bestowed the honorary name of the "Heroes of Waterdeep".[1]

Aftermath and second assignmentEdit

After becoming a famed group, the heroes donated the historic artifacts they had found to the scholars of the city, who used them to help research Waterdeep's history. Later, their trusted friend Khelben Arunsun sent them a letter. He congratulated them in their great success over Xanathar, and informed them that he had sent healers to return them to full health. Khelben also informed them that another threat had arisen – the cult of Darkmoon.[2]

The Heroes of Waterdeep infiltrated the evil temple of Darkmoon, achieving great feats in the process. After slaying the evil cultists, they faced Darkmoon's leader, who turned out to be a polymorphed red dragon, known as Dran Draggore.[2]


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