Hethar was a city in Dambrath.[1]


Located on the Hethar Peninsula near the southern coast of the Bay of Dancing Dolphins, Hethar sat in a prime position to defend the southern portion of Dambrath from attack.[1]


Since Hethar's prime responsibility revolved around military operations, many shops for weapons and armor could be found within the city. Hethar was also the only city in all of Dambrath with smiths fully dedicated to field artillery.[1]

Armed ForcesEdit

Tasked with preventing enemy landings, several warships patrolled the waters in and around Hethar. In addition to this, 5,000 soldiers were garrisoned in the city. At any given time, fully half of this number were out on patrols along the peninsula. Other troops were stationed along the coastal forts known as the Ramparts of Dambrath.[1]


Warchief Fiella Markin ruled Hethar.[1]



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