The Hex Locus was an artifact created by the Abolethic Sovereignty using a solidified chunk of Spellplague.[1]


The Hex Locus was a chunk of frozen, solidified blue fire. If touched, it was colder than even the waters of the Styx, but it was also hotter than the Sun.[2]


As part of the Spellplague, the Hex Locus could warp reality by releasing the defiling energies of the Far Realm contained within it. If used in living creatures, it twisted and corrupted them into aberrations, though usually no one survived a direct contact with the Hex Locus.[2]

The Hex Locus could also increase the range of the Symphony of Madness tenfold.[3] According to the aboleths, the Hex Locus could turn the Symphony of Madness into reality.[2]

The Hex Locus had its own consciousness, and could communicate telepathically with its targets. Its consciousness was later merged with Rohini's.[2] In fact, their fusion was in an intrinsic, symbiotic way[4] granting Rohini the ability to see into the Weave to predict the future.[2]


In 1478 DR, Brother Vartan, an Oghmanite priest and thrall of the Abolethic Sovereignty, used the Hex Locus to turn the succubus Rohini into an agent of the Sovereignty.[2][1] The Hex Locus was later safeguarded in a cavern near Helm's Hold, at first protected by the plaguechanged green dragon Chartilifax.[4]