Hezass Nymar was the tharchion of Lapendrar of Thay[2] and Eternal Flame of the temple of Kossuth in Escalant. His favorite guards were four golems carved of deep brown Thayan oak to resemble men-at-arms with longbows as part of their bodies.[3] He had the habit of plundering the offerings faithful gave to Kossuth.[4] In 1385 DR he was transformed into a vampire by Tammith Iltazyarra,[5] since then wearing a scarf to cover the bite marks at the side of his neck.


Hezass was a callow and corrupt priest who was looked down upon within his own church. Many of his colleagues believed the Firelord would remove his stain from upon Kossuth's clergy.[1]


The lich Szass Tam helped Nymar to achieve his position as both Eternal Flame and tharchion of Lapendrar, thus ensuring the priest's loyalty. On Mirtul 20 1475 DR, Tam caught Nymar stealing a platinum, Impilturan tiara from the temple and bound the priest once more to his service, rather than turning him over to his superior in church, Iphegor Nath.[6]

During the war of Thay from 1375-1385 DR between Szass Tam and the council of zulkirs, Hezass switched sides several times, branding him as faithless and unreliable.[7] He claimed to maneuver for power and wealth putting his own welfare ahead of everything else trying to survive amid a war of wizards.[8] When he realized though that Szass Tam's Thay would become realm of the undead, Hezass decided to fight for the council of zulkirs once more.[9] He allied with them to fight Szass at the Keep of Sorrows. After convincing the zulkirs of his loyalty to the council, Tammith Iltazyarra was send by Szass to transform him into a vampire to refasten the zulkirs' allegiance with Szass Tam's cause during the battle to come thus laying a trap for the armies of the council.[10] During that battle the Spellplague hit and Nymar was hit by blue fire, one of its effects. The flame left him frozen into a statue of cloudy crystal.[11]





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