Hgraam was the leader of the stone giants of Gracklstugh and a cleric of Skoraeus Stonebones in 1370 DR.[1] and 1372[2]


Hgraam was a capable leader for his people, known for his intelligence, diplomatic skills, and martial prowess. However, he was strict and demanding, but never cruel and his word was his bond. He did not much like the Council of Savants, and nor did they like him.[1] Hgraam despised the new ruler Horgar Steelshadow for his enormous ambition and the rumors of his involvement in the death of King Tarngardt[2]


In his youth Hgraam went to mystical library of Gravenhollow[3]

Hgraam served both as chief and shaman of the Clan Clairngorm in Gracklstugh.[1] He was still in activity during the Rage of Demons and he sensed that some great evil had broken into the Underdark. but wasn‘t aware of the threat's danger or extent.[4]


In time of the Rage of Demons he had some apprentice, among them Dorhun and Rihuud[5]



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