The hichikung nio was a secret society in Koryo sponsored by King Wanang Sun in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


The king installed members of the hichikung nio in key posts in the local and regional bureaucracies of the realm. Their aim was to improve the lives of the peasantry by using and influencing the established system. Sun believed that if the people were happier under his rule, then they would support it, and that rebellions by the local lords against his dynasty would fail without the peasants' backing.[1]


The hichikung nio were a covert army, with its members trained in both martial skills and intellectual fields.[1]


Sun inducted Pouri Lam into the hichikung nio after discovering her expert but secret governance of Foo Nakar, and that she already had all the necessary skills. He even shifted the real governor's post so that she could stay in control in the city, exerting his influence via the organization.[1]


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